9 Things Women Want Other Women To Stop Doing Immediately

I think most of us try really hard to be kind and supportive of other women. We cheer for each other's successes, help each other through struggles, and do our best not to judge because none of us are perfect.

That being said, there are some things women do that really drive other women nuts.

Someone on Reddit recently asked the question, "Women, what do you wish your fellow women would stop doing immediately?"

The responses covered everything from bad bathroom etiquette to women asking inappropriate questions of other women. Here are the top 9 answers.

  1. Stop trying to get us to join your MLM (multi-level marketing) company
  2. If you hover over the toilet in ladies room, wipe the pee of the seat and clean up after yourself
  3. Stop having children to "fix" your broken relationships
  4. Stop denying that you've had plastic surgery. It feeds into the unrealistic beauty standards we already have.
  5. Stop acting stupider than you really are.
  6. Stop thinking you are in competition with every other woman. Some women act like they have a MUCH better lifestyle while others act like their trauma is MUCH worse. Let's exchange our experiences without making it a competition.
  7. Stop asking other women when they're going to get married/have a baby/have another baby.
  8. This one is from a lesbian. She says stop assuming I'm into you when you find out I'm gay.
  9. Stop inventing and exaggerating problems with your husband just to "fit in" with the girls. Husband-bashing parties are not cool.

Thoughts? What would you add? Any of these seem too harsh?

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