Petition to "Stop Interviewing Will and Jada Smith" Has 23,000 Signatures

Is there a celebrity couple you are sick of hearing about? Back in the day it was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for me. It took me years to get over that scandalous affair... These days it would have to be Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Not that they really do anything wrong, it's just that the "perfect-ness" of their public relationship is a bit much.

I was kind of surprised to learn that there are a lot of people who never want to hear from Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith again. I think their relationship is kind of fascinating, and the fact that they've managed to stay together all these years despite a lot of issues is pretty impressive. Not everyone is on board with their over-sharing though, and now there's an effort underway to make it stop.

About a month ago, a guy named Dexter Morales started a petition to demand that media outlets cease interviewing the couple. He didn't really have much to say other than to start the petition, but those who have signed it have been making their opinions known in the comments.

"Everything I learn about this couple I learn against my will. Free us," wrote K.W.

MonaLisa Mazvimavi says, "I’m sick and tired of hearing the BS that goes on in their personal lives. It’s exhausting. I’ve muted their names everywhere, AND STILL SEE THIS!! I’m sick of their weirdness. Make it STOP!!!"

Erica Lopez seems to be concerned for Will, and doesn't like how Jada treats him. "I’m signing because I love Will. He deserves better. As for now I hope that things better for him but I don’t want to hear Jada tear him down anymore."

Another commenter said she'd had enough after "the throwing up thing," referring to Will's November confession that he used to vomit after sex. Considering the petition was started immediately following the release of this information, it may be what sparked the idea to hush the couple up.

Sooo... What do you think? I actually enjoyed their "Red Table Talk" conversation from the summer of 2020. I like how open they are. Lots of couples have issues they keep to themselves, it's interesting to hear how others work things out.

If you could oust one celebrity couple and never hear from them again, who would it be? Will and Jada or a different couple?

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