This Woman Just Married The Color Pink

After spending 40 years together, a woman named Kitten Kay Sera decided it was time to marry her favorite thing... The color pink!

I guess maybe I should capitalize the word "Pink" for this article since it's now her spouse...

Dubbed the "Queen of Pink" and "The Pinkest Woman in Hollywood", Kitten Kay Sera appeared on the May 2021 cover of Vogue and says on Instagram that Katy Perry is one of her dear friends, so she's definitely a Hollywood "insider" of sorts. She said the decision to marry the color Pink came after a child jokingly told her, "you love pink so much, you should marry it!"

Two years later, she made it official.

As you can see, she didn't just marry one shade of Pink, she married an array of colors from light Pink to hot Pink. She held this Pink color swatch at the altar and danced with it at the reception.

Of course she had a Pink cake and cupcakes, which she called "pinktastic."

The ring?

Pink, of course.

And the vows?

She swears she will wear Pink, and only Pink, every day until death does she part.

How fun! So this got me thinking, if you could marry something that isn't a person, what would it be?

I'd say Oreos because I love them so much, but I also think that would be a toxic marriage as I know they're not good for me... How about shopping? Could I just marry shopping?


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