James Cameron Wants To Make Movies That Are Six Hours Long

Would you watch a movie that is 6 hours long?

The other day I shared this post about watching a 10-hour movie vs. binge watching 10 episodes of a show and it cracked me up... Because it's so true!

Then this morning I came across this headline about James Cameron actually planning to make movies that are six hours long.

When asked about the evolution of the movie business and streaming services, he told Variety that he's not afraid and that he likes change.

"I'm not afraid. I like change. I'm a child of the 60s. I like it when things are chaotic. I think what we can see is an expanded form of cinema. I want to do a movie that's six hours long and two and a half hours long at the same time. Same movie.
"You can stream it for six hours, or you can go and have a more condensed, rollercoaster, immersive version of that experience in a movie theatre. Same movie. Just, one's the novel, and one's the movie. Why not? Let's just use these platforms in ways that haven't been done before."

So... Would you watch? I would, just not all in one sitting.

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