5 Parent Approved News Sites For Your Kids!

5 Good News Outlets for Kids

If your kid is interested in current events, but you're unsure where to send them for news, Lifehacker put together this list of five kid-friendly outlets that you can feel good about:

Time for Kids. This weekly magazine also has a website, which is broken down by grade level, and covers topics like technology, health, wildlife, business, politics and the environment. The magazine prides itself on being unbiased, accurate and age-appropriate.

News-O-Matic. This daily news app provides five news articles each weekday, with interactive links and photos, and is intended for ages 6 through 14. After a free trial period, there is a monthly subscription fee.

NewsForKids.net. This website covers news, science, sports and more using easily digestible summaries of current events. You can set parental controls to show content appropriate for ages 8 and up, 10 and up, 12 and up, or young adult.

DOGO News. This website covers current events but throws in a little fun, with animal videos and other things kids might like. It also allows kids to search for specific grade level-appropriate stories.

Scholastic Kids Press. 50 kids aged 10-14 are selected every year to cover a range of topics, including politics, entertainment, the environment and sports for the site. 

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