Ryan Reynold's Aviation Gin Company Has A New Commercial!

Those questioning Ryan Reynolds' dedication to his new gin company, Aviation, need only watch his new ad to know he'd go all the way for his booze brand.Peoplereports that the humorous video shows the actor toiling away in a workshop, blowing glass and engraving bottles in a bid to show just "how far" he'd go for his company. “When Aviation recently suggested making a signature bottle, I committed to blowing every single bottle personally," Reynolds says in the clip. The camera then pans out to show the spot playing on a TV screen at a bar, where Fyre Festival event producer Andy King is watching it. "He gets it," he says, before ordering a glass of the gin. King, of course, admitted in Netflix's Fyre Fest doc that he was “fully prepared” to perform oral sex on a Bahamian customs official in order to make sure supplies arrived at the doomed festival.

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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