Maelyn Jarmon's Final Voice Performance Blew My Mind - See It Here!

Maeylyn Jarmon has been fantastic on this season of the Voice! She's my pick to win tonight! She's stolen hearts as one of the front runners of the competition. Last night she brought it big time with an amazing version of Hallelujia! Also, did you know that she is actually deaf in 1 ear? It's true! When Maelyn was just two years old, she had tubes put in her ears to help treat recurring ear infections. Unfortunately, that led to permanent damage to her eardrums. She's now deaf in her right ear, with only 80% hearing remaining in the left. But Maelyn continued to pursue her passion for singing, and she’s very open about her experience with viewers. “Being deaf in one ear, the most overwhelming interaction that I’ve had with fans are people who have hearing impairments,” she tearfully said on the show. "I was so taken back by that."

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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