Clovis Dine & Dash Makes Me So Mad!

A restaurant owner is offering a $100 reward for the identity of a couple who they say dined and dashed Saturday night in Clovis. They showed up and watched the UFC fight then after it ended, left the restaurant without paying their bill! The couple agreed to pay a $40 fee to watch the fight on t.v. and then ordered 2 beers, 1 margarita and an order of buffalo wings. After, they ditched leaving the server holding the tab.  This is what makes me so mad is that the restaurant owner said that the server and the restaurant had to SPLIT the bill!  So, they made the server pay for a dine and dash couple which half of the bill was to watch a fight?  I don't understand why the restaurant owner didn't just suck it up.  What's worse, is that the owner is now offering $100 reward to find the couple.  So make the server pay half of the dash and then turn around and give the money away to someone with knowledge of who this is??  So wrong! Some people have started to identify the couple. But so far they have not come forward.  The restaurant hopes that their social media campaign will also discourage others from dining and dashing.

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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