Peanut Butter & Mayo Sandwiches Are More Beloved Than You Think!

Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches: yay or nay? That question is dividing the internet this week after Now This News tweeted a video titled "Peanut Butter and Mayo Sandwiches Are More Beloved Than You Think." The outlet also insisted that PB & Mayo was once as popular as PB&Js. Some Twitter users chimed in with beloved childhood memories about PB & Mayo sandwiches. As one tweeted, "I was 5 when I saw my mom eating a peanut butter-mayo-mustard-lettuce sandwich. She let me have a bite. It instantly became one of my favorite foods." However, not everyone's been swayed. "If you've ever made and consumed a peanut butter and mayo sandwich, we can't be friends anymore," one Twitter user declared, while another said, "If you ever think eating a mayonnaise and peanut butter sandwich is okay, I’m pretty sure you’re a serial killer."

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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