Dog Saves Woman From Snakes!

While hiking on a trail in Phoenix, Arizona, a woman and her two dogs got a nasty surprise when a rattlesnake appeared in their path. Because the reptile had camouflaged with the ground and had not sounded its telltale rattler, Paula Godwin probably would've stepped on it--if it hadn't been for her six-month-old puppy, Todd, who confronted the beast head-on. The pup incurred bites to its cheek and nose, and its face swelled up, UPI reports. He was rushed to an animal hospital where he received antivenom and 12 hours of treatment at a cost of $1,500. Two days later, Godwin says the canine is now back to his normal, happy self. "He's so rambunctious and he's just acting like nothing happened," she says. "It's so crazy." 

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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