Katy Perry Pranks Orlando Bloom During Radio Interview

Katy Perry pulled a hilarious prank on fiancé Orlando Bloom during a radio interview on Monday. Entertainment Tonight Canada reports that Bloom was playing a game in which listeners’ delivered impressions of various celebrities when Perry phoned in as the last caller and was introduced as, “Gemma from Hertfordshire, who can do a mean Katy Perry impression.” As Bloom winced, the caller sang a tortured and tuneless rendition of “I Kissed a Girl”. “Yeah… Gemma, that was great,” Bloom finally said. “Really well done. Not convinced, but, you know, hard for me because I do live with that voice, so…” It was at that moment that host said, “Hi Katy Perry,” and the pop singer exclaimed, “Honey, I thought you knew me better. Do you really think we should be going down this long road if you can’t even tell my own voice?” Bloom was quick to admit, “That’s very sneaky.”

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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