72 Year Old Grandma Marries 17 year old Nephew....Seriously!

Are you ready for this one?  They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but tell that to the Tennessee grandma who found "puppy love" with a teenager after meeting at a funeral in 2016. Page Sixreports that Almeda and Gary Hardwick met at a memorial service for her 45-year-old son, Robert--who was also married to Gary's aunt. They started seeing each other several months later and got married two weeks after that, when Almeda was 72 and Gary was 17. Alemda had previously been married for 43 years, but lost her husband to diabetes in 2013; meanwhile, Gary dumped his then-77-year-old girlfriend for Almeda. The couple is going viral this week after Almeda debuted her own YouTube talk show, Girl's Talk, this past weekend. “Always compliment him and show love,” Almeda said in the debut episode about making love last. “Show it every day; we aren’t promised tomorrow.”

So Gary, 17 was at his uncle's funeral.  Met Almeda who was his uncle's mom......got it? 

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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