Netflix Urges You NOT To Try The Bird Box Challenge!

Netflix's Sandra Bullock-starring thriller Bird Box has inspired countless memes as viewers use the hashtag "#BirdBoxChallenge" to share videos of themselves wearing blindfolds and performing activities. Most of the videos are harmless, but one disturbing clip shows a man accidentally slamming his child's head into a wall. "Can’t believe I have to say this, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE," Netflix tweeted on Wednesday. "We don’t know how this started, and we appreciate the love, but Boy and Girl have just one wish for 2019 and it is that you not end up in the hospital due to memes." In Bird Box, Bullock and her two children have to navigate the world blindfolded to stay safe from monsters who can kill you just by being seen. It became Netflix's most-watched film over the course of seven days after being released last week.

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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