Netflix's New Show Causing Out Rage Before It Airs!

he Netflix Original series, set to premiere on the streaming service on Aug. 10, focuses on “Fatty Patty” (Debby Ryan), a high school student who is bullied for being overweight. She gets her jaw wired shut (after, the trailer implies, she is punched in the face), undergoes massive weight loss and is suddenly deemed “hot” by her peers. Patty then decides to use her newfound acceptance to get revenge on her tormentors.

Much of the story is based on the personal experiences of Lauren Gussis, the show’s creator, who previously wrote for “Dexter.”  When the trailer for the series dropped a little over a week ago, many saw the premise as toxic.

“For so long, the narrative has told women and young impressionable girls that in order to be popular, have friends, to be desirable for the male gaze, and to some extent be a worthy human... that we must be thin,” the petition reads. “We still have time to stop this series from being released, and causing a devastation of self-doubt in the minds of young girls who will think that to be happy and be worthy, they need to lose weight.”

So will you be watching? I will - for sure!

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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