Kid Topples Statue & Mom Has To Pay - Right Or Wrong?

These 2 kids were left unattended by their mother and were inside this center that featured an art display. One of the kids wanted to see a display up close and personal.  He decided to climb the pedestal and grab the statue.  The statue was bolted to the display, however the weight of the child pulled it off it's base and it toppled it to the ground. The mother, no where to be seen didn't show up until someone from the facility told her what had happened.  The center's insurance company has sent the mother a bill for the cost of the art piece, $132,000.  The mother is outraged saying that they shouldn't have had that artwork there. However, it was an art display, there's works of art everywhere.......should have stuck around to monitor your kids! Your thoughts? We're talking about it now on Soft Rock 98.9!

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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