Bradley Cooper & Lady Ga Ga STUN in new Trailer!

A Star Is Born Trailer

The premiere of the first trailer for A Star Is Born — is out and it's AMAZING! Lady Gaga’s feature debut as a Hollywood lead — has her career steering in a new direction. Actress. And a damn good one at that! And, if Warner Bros. plays its cards right, Oscar might soon come knocking on the door of the Bradley Cooper-directed picture that fuses Gaga’s talents as a songwriter with her electric chutzpah as a bona fide showgirl. But, Gaga and Cooper — both nominees for their work on past projects — aren’t the only Academy-verified players fueling this likely contender’s ascent into the upcoming awards season fold. Here are five other Oscar-centric takeaways from the first trailer for A Star Is Born. 

A Star Is Born features numerous original tracks crafted by some of music’s leading voices.  Here, the film’s central romance unfolds against the backdrop of the music industry, and Gaga kept it in her creative family when it came to constructing the soundtrack. Bradley Cooper previously said he worked with Gaga and her Joanne executive producer Mark Ronson on “The Shallow” - the song that plays at the end of the trailer -   Movie comes out Oct 5th

Honestly, this looks like a fantastic movie that has Oscar written all over it – for both it’s main stars….Very excited for it’s release.

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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