Britian's Got Talent Contestant Almost Dies!!!

This guy is VERY lucky to be alive this morning! On Britain's Got Talent, it got pretty scary..the dangerous stunt saw Matt secured in a solid steel box with padlocks, chains around his body and handcuffs on his wrists.

All four judges looked horrified by the act, with Simon Cowell branding him a “lunatic.”

David Walliams said: “This is the perfect act for anyone who wants to watch someone drown. I was really worried for you when the paramedic came on.”

Amanda Holden, who leapt out of her chair when Matt was finally released from the box, said: “Oh my God I really hate it, I hold my breath with you for the whole thing. I basically nearly passed out myself.

“It’s exciting to watch — you’re very brave and I’m glad you’re still alive.”

Viewers were left furious when, despite risking his life for the variety show, Matt failed to get a space in the final.

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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