Racist Man's Rant Goes Viral - A Surprise Awaits Though!

A few words of Spanish unleashed a torrent of hate speech from a racist, ranting Manhattan lawyer.  The Madison Ave. meltdown by attorney Aaron Schlossberg included a threat to sic federal immigration officials on workers at a Midtown restaurant — because they failed to speak English in his presence. A viral video of the Tuesday lunchtime explosion captured the him announcing the employees were in "my country" before invoking the threat of deportation.  His company bio claims he is fluent in Spanish and conversational in French.  His identity was exposed and his reputation trashed less than 24 hours.  Internet trolls unloaded on him and on his website.  Hundreds of posters from across the U.S. whacked his law firm with one-star reviews or posted insulting photos. **BEST PART** An online fund-raiser, launched by a man named Mark Goldberg, collected nearly $800 to rent a mariachi band Thursday to play "La Cucaracha". Ha ha ha ha!!!!

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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