16 Brilliant Uses For Baby Products!

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Boudreaux’s Butt Paste isn’t just for butts.

This stuff is a goldmine of DIY hacks. It’s full of zinc oxide, which is a great remedy for irritated skin. Try a dab of paste on your next horrible mosquito bite, or slather it on a healing sunburn for a bit of immediate relief.

Baby shampoo is a super-gentle cleanser. 

That means it’s ideal for people with sensitive skin. If you’re prone to eyelid irritation, you can even use a drop of the stuff on a washcloth to scrub those lids in the shower.  Even if you don’t need baby shampoo yourself, it’s the ideal cleanser for dog and cat baths, assuming you can get your pet into the tub in the first place. It’s also useful for cleaning your combs and brushes when they start to get a little greasy or dirty.

Baby wipes seem tailor made for makeup removal. 

At the end of a long day, use a nice cool baby wipe to scrub away makeup. Pack a few with you when you go out of town to use as a quick, hassle-free face wash. Baby wipes can even shine your shoes. Everyone should have these.

Diapers are a key ingredient in a super-effective ice pack

Yep, you read that right. Here’s what you do: Take a regular diaper. Pour a cup of isopropyl alcohol in its absorbent interior. Then fill it (really fill it) with water. Put the soaking diaper in a freezer bag and freeze it. The alcohol will prevent the diaper from freezing solid, leaving it soft and pliable. Meanwhile, the gel inside the diaper will keep the super-chilled water from thawing out. These things last forever, and they cost less than $2 to make.

Baby powder has all kinds of uses

It’s a decent stand-in for dry shampoo or deodorant, and it can help prevent stinky feet. You can also bring it to the beach to help remove sand from your feet. Thanks to the recently discovered association between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, you might want to find a talc-free baby powder. There are plenty of them on the market.

Pedialyte can help to quickly hydrate adults. 

After a night of overindulgence, try sipping Pedialyte. It’s packed with electrolytes and it has less sugar than most sports drinks. It was designed to rehydrate sick children, but it can do the same thing for adults.

People with sensitive skin should try switching to baby detergent. 

Soaps for babies are super gentle, and the same is true about laundry detergent made for the pre-K set. Lots of adults with allergies or skin sensitivities find that baby detergents bother them less than typical adult detergents, which are packed with harsh chemicals and fragrances.

Baby sunscreen is powerful enough to work for adults, too. 

No matter how old you are, SPF is SPF. Try pilfering a little of your infant’s sunscreen the next time you head to the beach.  Pick the highest SPF level you can find and enjoy not getting a sunburn.

Baby oil helps you remove mascara. 

Waterproof mascara is great. You can even cry without rocking a total goth look. When the night is over, though, it can be a nightmare to get your eyelashes clean. That’s when you should reach for a bottle of baby oil. Waterproof mascara is, well, waterproof, so trying to wash it off in the sink won’t do much. But oil and water hate each other, so oil helps to break down tough cosmetics. Just dip a cotton swab in baby oil and gently apply to your eyelashes with side-to-side swipes. Then rinse.

Diaper cream is one of the best moisturizing lotions out there. 

You can spend $100 on a tub of super-fancy, age-defying face cream, or you can just reach for the nearest tube of diaper cream. It locks in moisture and helps your skin stay hydrated. Diaper cream is also good for dry skin wherever it shows up, and it can soothe the sting of razor burn. It’s also helpful for dry skin anywhere on the body, especially when the skin gets so dry that it starts cracking. Ouch.

Gripe water has been keeping colicky babies comfortable for generations. 

It can ease adults’ upset stomachs, too. The best brands use real ginger and fennel, which are known to sooth painful bellies. Next time you get a little gassy or come down with some nausea, reach for your infant’s bottle of gripe water for quick relief.

Baby shampoo doubles as a perfect detergent for delicate fabrics. 

You can’t throw your cashmere sweater in the wash with everything else. Fragile, high-quality fabrics require a little babying, and we mean that literally. Baby shampoo will keep your nicest clothes clean without damaging or discoloring them.

Baby oil is the perfect substance for polishing stainless steel appliances. 

Nothing looks classier than a kitchen full of stainless steel. Unfortunately, nothing collects grease and grime like this chic metal does, either.  The solution is to rinse down your stainless steel appliances with a bit of dish soap. Once you’ve got the gunk removed, though, they could still use a polish. That’s where the baby oil comes in. Rub down steel surfaces with an oiled cloth to create a clean, bright shine. This works on faucets too, by the way.   Baby oil is also an effective polish for wooden surfaces. Even better, the baby oil forms a barrier against moisture, so it’ll make new water rings less likely to show up.

Baby wipes can get rid of deodorant stains. 

We’ve yet to meet a dark shirt that doesn’t show deodorant streaks. Deodorant is a tough thing to get out of your clothes.  The only surefire remedy we know of for deodorant stains is, of all things, baby wipes. Just wipe down the white residue on your dark clothing with a baby wipe and watch it disappear!

There’s one last use for baby wipes that you might not have thought of: Use them to clean your cat!

There’s no way you’re coaxing Fluffy into the bath, and you can’t take her to the grooming place every time she gets a little dirty. Baby wipes are a great way to take care of a feline’s messy face (or behind!) without infuriating them. Baby wipes aren’t wet enough to irritate your cat, and you might even be able to convince them that you’re just petting them. Try it!

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