Should You Admit You Have A Favorite Child?

A mother of four in the UK is going viral--and getting slammed--after she admitted on TV that she has a favorite child. "Kennedie is just all around nicer to be around," Alisha Tierney-March revealed about her 2-year-old daughter on Tuesday's episode of This Morning. “I’ve just got a different bond with Kennedie. I have got such a strong bond with her. I’m not sure if it’s due to breastfeeding." Tierney-March, who's also mom to 9-year-old Addison, 7-year-old Harleigh and 1-year-old Elijah, added that Kennedie doesn't get special treatment just because she likes her best. "They all get loved equally," she said. "My husband thinks Kennedie gets away with more, but I’m not going to punish a 2-year-old the way I do a 7 or 9-year-old." One shocked viewer later wrote on Twitter, "Those children are unavoidably going to grow up with psychological issues. To think there are people out there who can’t have kids." Another tweeted, "They’re children, not shoes, love!!!"

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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