Pharrell's Happy Literally Makes People Happy!


Pharrell's song 'Happy' literally makes us happy! Here's why:  The chord progression in the chorus – F minor 7 to Bb to F major – cleverly maps the word "happy" onto the harmony. The instrumentation, arrangement and mix are very important here, [with] classic soul and R&B instruments like an electric piano, guitar and riffs, but [it has] modern and slick production values to give it a timeless classic feel that has a contemporary edge.” Pharrell Williams’ Happy may sound effortless, but the singer has revealed that its fruition was far from easy: "It was actually nine versions before I got to the 10th," he told US talkshow Good Morning America yesterday. "I got to point zero, and I just said to myself, ‘How do you make a song about a guy who is so happy and relentless in doing so?’ That’s when I realised that the answer had been sleeping in the question all along." So, don't worry - be happy!

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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