Parents Accuse Peter Rabbit Of Glamorizing "Allergy Bullying"


Parents Accuse Peter Rabbit of Glamorizing "Allergy Bullying" - Peter Rabbit grossed an impressive $25 million nationwide in its opening weekend, but one scene in the kids' movie is now grossing out parents for encouraging what they call "allergy bullying." Reports that the scene in question depicts a group of rabbits hurling blackberries at the character of Mr. Gregor, who's allergic to the tart fruit. He's ultimately forced to use an EpiPen after the attack. "To include a scene in a children's film that includes a serious allergic reaction and not to do it responsibly is unacceptable," says Allergy UK chief executive Carla Jones. Meanwhile, Sony Pictures apologized in a statement released Sunday. "Food allergies...are a serious issue," the studio said, adding that the film "should not have made light of the issue even in a cartoonish, slapstick way."

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