Scary! Uma Thurman Releases Video From Kill Bill Car Crash!

Quentin Tarantino has broken his silence about the violent car crash Uma Thurman experienced on the set of Kill Bill, calling it “one of the biggest regrets” of his life.“.  As a director, you learn things and sometimes you learn them through horrendous mistakes,”  Tarantino tells Deadline in a new interview. “That was one of my most horrendous mistakes, that I didn’t take the time to run the road, one more time, just to see what I would see.” 

He goes on to say he was “in total anguish at what had happened” after seeing Thurman’s stunt go wrong. “It affected me and Uma for the next two to three years,” he adds. “It wasn’t like we didn’t talk. But a trust was broken. A trust broken over a year of shooting, of us doing really gnarly stuff.” Earlier this week, Thurman told The New York Times that she had been uncomfortable filming the driving shot and got into a years-long fight with Tarantino because she was not allowed to view the footage.

This is a pretty scary crash!

Teri Ann

Teri Ann

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