Make Sure Your Passwords Are Safe By Checking Out This List!

How to Make Sure Your Passwords Haven't Been Stolen

In this age of hackers, data breaches and malware, Lifehacker's put together a list of online resources that can help you find out if your online passwords are still safe. Take a look at a few of their favorites:

Google’s Password Checkup extension. If you use Chrome, this extension will monitor when you log into your sites and find out if it has been previously leaked in a data breach. 

Have I Been Pwned. This one is easy and free for the initial search. Just go to their site, enter your email address, and you'll get a warning if your email has ever been involved in a breach.

Firefox monitor. This service is basically a re-skinned version of Have I Been Pwned, but you may prefer it if you are a Firefox browser user.

1Password. This is a paid password manager, but also gives you access to its Watchtower feature, that is slightly more robust version of Have I Been Pwned. 

Hasso Plattner Institute’s Identity Leak Checker. This isn't an active monitoring solution, but if you provide your email, they will send you a report if your address is linked to any known data breaches.

Credit Karma. This company is better known for it's credit-monitoring services, but it also offers free identity monitoring.

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