Walmart Shopper Eats Half Of Cake In Store And Refuses To Pay


Attention, Walmart shoppers! If you eat half of a cake in the store, you must still pay full price for that cake. That's a lesson one unidentified customer in Wichita Falls, Texas, learned the hard way last week after she reportedly picked up a cake from a Walmart bakery, gobbled down half of it while wandering the aisles, then refused to pay full price for it at checkout by claiming she'd found it half-eaten. NBC News reports that a manager called police, but the store didn't want to press charges. Instead, the woman was banned from returning to the store--but still managed to leave without paying anything for her cake binge. "I don’t know if she got the whole cake. I don’t know if she left with the other half of it," says Wichita Falls police Sgt. Harold McClure. (Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!) Fun fact: In January, another woman was banned from another Walmart in Wichita Falls after she spent several hours driving an electric shopping cart around the parking lot while drinking wine from a Pringles can.

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