Grilling Tips For Your 4th Of July!

5 Ways to Make Grilling Healthier

Summer is made for grilling, but if you're concerned about recent headlines indicating that grilling may increase cancer risk, Lifehacker has some tips:

1.Pre-cook the food. Smoke during the grilling process is known to create some bad chemicals, so pre-cooking in a microwave (Teri Ann says use the oven or a Sous Vide can - then finish on the grill) eliminate those.

2.Use a low flame. If you can cook at under 300 degrees, less of the dangerous Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) will be likely to form. 

3.Keep fat and juices out of the flame. The less smoke, the less chance there is for bad chemicals to form.

4.Use a marinade. Studies have shown that marinating meat, poultry or fish for at least 30 minutes can reduce the formation of HCAs. Ideally your marinade includes vinegar, lemon juice or wine, along with oil, herbs and spices.

5.Keep flipping. Constantly flipping meat being cooked on a grill can substantially reduce HCA formation.

Great Tips For Those That Don't Grill On A Regular Basis!

How to make your grill nonstick

If you forgot to pick up some nonstick spray at the store, don't worry. If you want to prevent food from sticking to the grates of your grill, all you need is a potato and a fork. Here's how it's done:

  • Heat the grill to your desired temperature.
  • Slice a potato in half.
  • Skewer the end of the potato with a two-prong meat fork (a dinner fork will work just as well), leaving the inside of the potato exposed.
  • Raise the lid on the grill and rub the exposed center of the potato on the grate. Make sure to cover the entire cooking surface.

This process releases the starches in the potato, creating a barrier between the grates and the food.

If you don't have a potato on hand, it will also work with half an onion or lemon. But keep in mind that this will have a more obvious effect on the taste of the food.

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