Taylor Swift Talks About Easter Eggs And More To Ellen

Taylor Swift is totally obsessed with Easter eggs right now, but are they good for her music? OneUSA Todaywriter feels like Swift is going overboard with the sneaky clues and references. For her first real interview in years, on the recent cover ofEntertainment Weekly, the pop star posed in a denim jacket covered in pins that were all Easter eggs. She told the magazine, "I love to communicate through Easter eggs. I think the best messages are cryptic ones." While the clues can be fun treats for eagle-eyed fans, Swift has become beloved by her followers for her honest, plainspoken songwriting. But, although the Easter eggs have whipped up a frenzy around her latest single, it's possible she'll return to her simpler songwriting roots when it's time to release the next album.

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Jason & Teri Ann Morning Show

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