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11 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in Taylor Swift's "ME!" Music Video

No matter how often you've already watched this new music video, we promise we've got some hidden Easter eggs you probably missed.

If you're already obsessed with Taylor Swift's new music video for "ME!," then have we got news for YOU! Elle is out with a list of all the hidden Easter eggs you may have missed in the new visual. See how many you can spot on your next rewatch:

  • The Dixie Chicks.When Swift sings, "And there's a lot of cool chicks out there," there's a shot of a wall filled with framed pictures of literal chicks--as well as the Dixie Chicks.
  • A new cat? Before the video premiered, Swift wrote to fans in a YouTube live chat, "There’s a secret in the video I’ve been keeping in for months—let’s see who can guess it.” Could it be that she got a new cat? In the clip, Swift happily accepts a cat from collaborator Brendon Urie.
  • Taylor's second rejected engagement ring. The "Look What You Made Me Do" video contained an empty ring box and the word "No" spelled in jewelry on the floor. Fans theorized that had to do with Swift rejecting ex Calvin Harris' proposal in real life. Swift's rejection of an engagement ring in the "ME!" clip may be her response to tabloid speculation that she and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn are engaged.
  • A song called "Lover." The word "lover" appears at one point in the background in pink neon. Fans are theorizing this means another track on Swift's new album will be calledLover.
  • A goodbye to theReputationera.The "ME!" video begins with a snake--the symbol of herReputationLP. This time, however, the snake is pink and white, matching Swift's new aesthetic, and bursts into a swarm of multicolor butterflies.
  • Swift's cowboy boots.Swift wears cowboy boots in one scene of her new video, leaving fans wondering if that means there are more country songs coming down the pipe.
  • Seven suitcases and seven outfits. Swift wears seven outfits in the video. She's also surrounded by seven suitcases. Her next studio album will be her seventh. You do the math.
  • The "Look What You Made Me Do" phone. Toward the beginning of the video, Swift sings, "I know that I went psycho on the phone," while pointing to a phone reminiscent of the one she used in her "Look What You Made Me Do"video. In that video, she sang, "I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead!" Does this mean the old Taylor is alive and well?
  • The "Welcome to New York" reference.One line of Swift's1989track "Welcome to New York" goes, "Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats." In the "ME!" video, Urie opens up his coat to reveal a wooden heart on his shirt that then opens to reveal this kaleidoscope of hearts.
  • More snakes! As Swift sings, "And trouble's gonna follow where I go," she's seen being chased by a cloud-like snake and almost eaten by one. And then they disappear! The snakes may represent the drama Swift has gotten into throughout her career, most notably with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
  • A possible album release date?At one moment in the video, there's a clock behind Urie set to 8:30. Could this be a clue that Swift's next album will drop on August 30? Only time (hehe) will tell.

Watch and see the Easter Eggs for yourself!

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