"The Bachelor" Finale: Colton Goes From Three Women to None

On Monday night's episode ofThe Bachelor, Colton Underwood became the first man in the show's history to have a finale with zero woman. Colton, who was still devastated that Cassie had left, decided to say goodbye to Tayshia and Hannah G. He first cut Tayshia loose by visiting her at her hotel room. "I knew that I was falling for you, but in my heart, I know I can't love two people. My heart's with somebody else. I love Cassie," he declared. The two cried, but appeared to end things on good terms. Meanwhile, Colton broke the news to Hannah shortly after she told the cameras she planned on dropping the L-word. "I realized that I love Cassie," he told her. "I thought it was going to be you." Hannah was shocked and, understandably, left upset. Colton then cried in a producer's arms. "I'm scared," he wailed. "I don't know if I'm giving up a for sure thing for something that's impossible." Part two of the season finale airs on Tuesday night.

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