Awww Watch Cutest Kid Giving Free Hugs! Make Your Day!

One little boy is melting hearts all across Twitter after a video of him hugging strangers goodbye at an outdoor concert on Sunday went viral.

Jude Safsy reached internet fame after one Twitter user posted footage of the young boy surprising a number of concertgoers with hugs after his parents told him that it was time for them to leave. And although his mom, Stephanie Safsy, initially made an attempt to peel her son from the arms of an unsuspecting recipient, it’s evident that Jude’s embraces were well received.  In fact, Jude’s kindness became contagious by the end of the video, when another little kid came up behind him to be the first to actually initiate a hug — a moment that’s possibly too cute to handle.

Jason & Teri Ann Morning Show

Jason & Teri Ann Morning Show

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