VIDEO: What Animal Strolled Right By Reporter Live?

A local news anchor in Salt Lake City was reporting live this week when a mysterious creature began walking toward her. Footage from KUTV shows Morgan Saxton giggling nervously as she stands in a dark woodsy area. "What you're seeing is--actually a dog coming into our live shot," she noted. "I think it's a dog, I'm not sure." As the animal sauntered past her and disappeared into the thicket, she added, "Anyway, there's some sort of creature below me." Saxton later tweeted a clip of the incident and viewers began debating what the creature was. Many speculated that it was a mountain lion, given that the area is notorious for cougar sightings. Biologists from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources even visited the scene and searched for tracks. They determined, however, that the creature was simply a camera-friendly pup. The owner of the dog has since come forward and shared a photo of the now-local celeb. 

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