Carb Challenged? Try These Tips To Lose This Fall!


Losing weight can be tough - especially if you are someone that loves me! With that in mind, LA Times put together some helpful tips that will help slim you down this Fall!

1. Combine Fiber and Protein at every meal.  The combination of protein and fiber is more filling than protein alone, and encourages your body to hold onto more muscle mass while losing weight.

2. Eat breakfast! Aim to meet up to half of your fiber needs before noon!

3. Eat a mid-afternoon snack! A 200-300 calorie snack of protein and fiber helps stave off the hunger that will make you overeat at dinner.

4. Watch your portions and your proteins! Limit the amount of lean meat you at at dinner to 3 or 4 ounces for women and 6 to 8 for men.

5. Opt for an appetizer when dining out. Broth-based soups or green salads are a great way to fill up and help you meet your fiber requirements before your entree arrives.

6. Make your last meal your smallest. People tend to save all of their calories for the end of the day when their metabolism is at it's make it the smallest and pack it with healthy stuff instead of carbs!

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