Taylor Swift Did Not Let A Little Rain Slow Her Concert Down In New Jersey

Taylor Swift didn't let the rain stop her from performing at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Saturday night. The pop superstar put on a concert in the downpour, which lasted throughout her entire concert. "I've been looking at the weather reports tonight from MetLife Stadium," Taylor said prior to her show in an Instagram story, which also showed her mother Andrea Swift. "Uh, it's 80 to 90 percent chance of rain. But we like the rain, don't we? I love it, personally." Fans took to social media after the show to applaud Taylor for her performance. "I just witnessed Taylor Swift singing for two hours in the POURING rain. We are not worthy," one tweeted. Another wrote, "We were all soaking wet dancing in the rain and I may or may not get hypothermia, but it was magic and I’m never gonna forget it!" Here's more from E!

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Jason & Teri Ann Morning Show

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