Take A Look At Danica Partick's Monologue Last At The ESPY Awards

Danica Patrick served as host of the 2018 ESPY Awards on Wednesday night, where her opening monologue received a lukewarm reception. Patrick opened the night with not-so-clever jokes about Cleveland’s losing tradition and Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve’s height. She also poked fun at Fergie’s questionable national anthem performance at the NBA All-Star Game. Patrick fared a little better when she joked about Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons being traded “to the Kardashians.” Another high point was a pretaped spoof of I, Tonya, renamed I, Danica. In the skit, she played dual roles of herself and her alcohol-swilling mother.  Here's more from SI.

Jason & Teri Ann Morning Show

Jason & Teri Ann Morning Show

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