Journalist Tells Off Fan Who Tries To Kiss Her! Yikes!

Brazilian reporter Julia GuimarĂ£es was recently covering the World Cup outside the stadium in Yekaterinburg, Russia, when a male fan interrupted by trying to kiss her. "Don't do this, never do this again, OK? Don't do this, I don't allow you to do that," she sternly tells him in the footage, which aired live. "Never, OK, this is not polite, this is not right, never do this. Never do this to a woman, OK? Respect." The man can be heard apologizing off camera. Video of the incident quickly went viral and viewers applauded GuimarĂ£es for her quick response. "This journalist is all of us. It shouldn't be on us to shout down harassers but, my woman, you are awesome," one supporter tweeted. 

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