12 Ways To Travel When You're Broke

12 Ways to Plan a Vacation When You’re Broke

Are you looking to plan a trip with friends, but worried about how much it’s going to end up costing? If so, Elite Daily has compiled a list of 12 helpful tips for planning a trip on a tight budget. Here they are:

Take advantage of family or friends who own a villa.

Check if you have any flight mileage.

Rent a bigger house and split the cost with lots of people.

Plan who is bringing/cooking which meals.

Check Groupon for all-inclusive package deals.

Be the early bird when booking your flight (or other means of transportation).

Consider destinations that don’t require traveling too far.

Budget your cost before you decide on a destination.

Cut back on going out before your trip.

Book your flight on cheap dates.

Consider going for a long weekend getaway instead of a full week.

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