Tortoise Born With Deformity Now Gets Mini Skateboard To Wheel Around On

Delaware medical sales consultant Randy Betz has a side business helping people hatch turtle eggs, and when one of his client's turtles was born with a deformity, he wanted to help. UPI reports that Betz glued a set of skateboard wheels under the turtle's back legs to teach it to walk. The turtle, named Helix, was born with its legs pointing up rather than down, so was immobilized before Betz invented his new mode of transport. "I'm around spine deformity all the time, and this little guy has some sort of turtle-related spina bifida," Betz told local WPVI-TV. ""I took some glue, some superglue, and I glued it right on the back end of it," he said. A veterinarian told the outlet that gluing the wheels was safe for the tortoise, so now Helix can move around by using his front legs to pull his wheels. "Very heartwarming to see him as happy as he was able to move around," Betz said.

Jason Hurst

Jason Hurst

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