Nevada Man Finds Unopened Nintendo Game In Childhood Attic Worth $10,000

Talk about hitting the jackpot! A man in Nevada may wind up with an extra $10,000 in his pocket after finding an unopened copy of a 1987 Nintendo video game in his childhood attic. Scott Amos found the KidIcarus game in its original packaging back on Mother's Day when his mom asked him to pick up a few boxes of his childhood possessions. "I thought it was worth a couple hundred dollars," Amos says. "I go to work the next day and emailed a couple of experts. One of them wrote me back within 30 minutes and said, 'You have an Easter egg.'" Adds Valarie McLeckie, video game consignment director at Heritage Auctions, “KidIcarus is one of the hardest NES titles to find in sealed condition. To find a sealed copy ‘in the wild,’ so to speak, not to mention one in such a nice condition and one with such transparent provenance, is both an unusual and rather historic occurrence." The auction for Amos' KidIcarus closes today.

Jason Hurst

Jason Hurst

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