Here's A List Of The 10 Best Candy Bars


What are the best candy bars in the world?Los Angeles Timesfood columnist Lucas Kwan Peterson is out with his own set of "power rankings" based on taste and the attractiveness of the wrapper. Here are his top 10 (check the link for more):

  1. Take 5.This confection manages to crack the candy bar code with the addition of pretzel. The simple, modest pretzel does so much by adding salt and texture, two essential components to a great candy bar. The rest of the bar combines seemingly every other good thing you find in other bars: chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, and peanuts. It’s an unbeatable combination.
  2. Butterfinger. Butterfinger remains one of the best candy bars out there: the thin, brittle candy layers taste strongly of peanut butter, and there’s a great saltiness to the bar. I used to nibble off the waxy chocolate outside as a kid and eat the candy core in one go.
  3. Payday. Why more companies haven’t keyed in to the magical Salt + Sweet = Good equation is confounding, but it makes it all the more satisfying when you find a bar as good as a Payday, a caramel core rolled in salted peanuts. The chewy center can get to be a little much, but it’s a small price to pay for this candy bar par excellence.
  4. Snickers. Peanuts, caramel and nougat are a combination that’s hard to argue with, and the classic brown-and-blue design remains attractive to the eye after all these decades.
  5. Toblerone. The Toblerone has an amusing shape--three-dimensional triangles joined together--and the chocolate certainly tastes richer and milkier than your average U.S. bar. I like the sticky nougat chunks dotted throughout that invariably end up deep in your back molars.
  6. Twix. Twix isn’t salty enough, but is still one of the better candy bars due to the crunch of its bottom cookie layer. Why more candy bars don’t add cookies is a mystery to me: a crisp, crumbly cookie is a perfect foil to sticky caramel.
  7. Baby Ruth. It’s a good candy bar. Peanuts riddle the outside of the solid nougat core (although they’re unsalted), which provides for a crunchy, satisfying snacking experience.
  8. Whatchamacallit. Extreme graphic-design-is-my-passion props to the Whatchamacallit label, which combines Lichtenstein-ian dots with a cheesy font and wonderfully bad color scheme. The candy bar is pretty good too, the key being the inclusion of peanut butter-flavored crisped rice, which adds flavor and texture to the chocolate and caramel.
  9. Charleston Chew (if eaten frozen).The Charleston Chew is mushy and sticky on its own, like a sad Tootsie Roll. It works exponentially better when frozen, however. A cold Charleston becomes light and crunchy, nearly meringue-like, and then yields to a pleasant chewiness.
  10. Oh Henry!The Oh Henry! is a sleeper hit: The layers of caramel and nougat might lead you to think it’s going to be another soft, spineless Mars- or Milky Way-like experience, but there are actually peanuts embedded in the caramel, as with a Snickers. The Oh Henry! has a thicker caramel layer, whereas the Snickers has a thicker nougat layer. I slightly prefer the latter, but both are tasty.

Jason Hurst

Jason Hurst

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