“American Idol": Alyssa Raghu Covers Katy Perry In Front of Katy Perry


On Monday night’s episode of American Idol, 17-year-old singer Alyssa Raghu made a bold move by performing judge Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away.” After the emotional performance, a visibly moved Perry jokingly told the singer, “First of all, how dare you? How dare you come out and sing that song 100 times better than me? Alyssa, that was so beautiful and you have just grown into a gorgeous young girl." Perry went on to say that this round has “been a really important master class” for Raghu, adding, "I think you've learned so much and you've got so much time, and I just think that it's gonna happen if you keep applying yourself the way you keep applying." Along with Raghu, the judges chose Uche and Dimitrius Graham--two more contestants with low numbers of votes--to continue on in the Top 10.

Jason Hurst

Jason Hurst

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