35 Movies That Really Changed People's Lives

BuzzFeed recently asked its readers to share which movies changed their lives. Here are 10 of their most interesting responses (check out the full list at the link):

  1. Crazy Rich Asians (2018). "I have never felt more seen and more normalized as an Asian-American woman in my entire life. To be able to watch a rom-com and see people of my ethnicity living the glamorous 'fairytale' story that white people have always been the stars of... well, it was super refreshing. It's a huge step forward toward representation in Hollywood."
  2. Twilight (2008). "It introduced me to the concept of unhealthy relationships. It made me realize that I was in an unhealthy relationship with a guy who was too possessive. I slowly realized that I was dating a version of Edward Cullen." 
  3. Wonder Woman (2017). "The raw power I felt watching this movie was indescribable, and I was so proud to be a woman. It was almost an out-of-body experience." 
  4. Dead Poets Society (1989). "Like Neil, I deal with a controlling parent and I'm terrified to stand up for myself. But, when Keating talks to Neil in the movie, I imagine he is talking to me—encouraging me to be strong, stand up for myself, be myself, and seize the day." 
  5. Mulan (1998) "I was really struggling to live up to my immigrant parents' expectations, on top of dealing with a bit of an identity crisis between cultures. I was also a bit of a tomboy. It was the first time I had seen any character on screen talk about how they felt like they didn't belong or fit the norm. Also, she was a bada** and I aspire to be like her to this day." 
  6. Lilo & Stitch (2002). "I deeply connected with Lilo, as we were both outcasts, acted out, and did not have many friends during childhood. Plus, the entire story revolving around family and the sense of belonging actually helped me create a clear view of how I want to shape my future." 
  7. Interstellar (2014). "I went to see it one year to the day after my dad died from cancer and I was barely making it through each day. After leaving the movie though, I had a sense of peace that I hadn't felt in over a year. Interstellar made me realize that even when your family can't be with you physically, they are always there for you." 
  8. Hush (2016). "Finally seeing a deaf person onscreen as such a strong character was life-changing. A lot of times we’re not main characters, let alone even side characters, so seeing a mainstream movie with one us as the leading role is super important." 
  9. Jackie (2016). "It's such an incredible perspective on grief. I watched it during a really dark period of my life, and honestly it made me want to keep fighting to be happy, and to not let events out of my control consume me." 
  10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). "It changed the way I viewed relationships, and it made me realize it wouldn't always be a fairy tale. I don't think that I would be the same person or be in the wonderful, sometimes messy, and complicated marriage I'm in if I hadn't seen it."
Jason Hurst

Jason Hurst

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