A Space Station Is About To Crash On Earth

Not an April Fools' joke! A 9.4-ton Chinese space station that's been rocketing around outer space in uncontrolled orbit since 2016 is on track to crash into Earth on April 1. While NJ.com reported this week that the Garden State is in the space junk's path, so is pretty much half the planet: The Aerospace Corporation says the station's possible point of re-entry could be anywhere "between northern California and New Jersey, as well as southern sections of Europe and much of China and Japan." They also insist there's statistically no chance of being harmed or killed. "[The] odds of it harming someone are vanishingly small," the Aerospace Corporation tweeted earlier this month. "Our scientists calculate odds of you being hit by...debris are about one million times smaller than odds of winning Powerball jackpot--even if you live in ‘high risk’ areas."  For the full story click here.

Jason Hurst

Jason Hurst

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