7-Year-Old Asks Old Navy to Put Real Pockets in Girls' Jeans

Earlier this year, Kamryn, a first grader at Evening Star Elementary School in Bentonville, Arkansas, wrote to Old Navy and asked them to add pockets to their pants for girls. She and her class were working on persuasive writing, so she took advantage of the opportunity to express her feelings about the fake pockets on all of her Old Navy jeans.

Kamryn and her teacher probably weren't expecting a response from Old Navy... But not only did they respond, they also sent her several pairs of jeans and shorts. In their note back to her, they said they appreciate her feedback and that their design team would take it into consideration as they work on developing new products.

How amazing. Makes me love Old Navy even more!

Here's Kamryn with all of the stuff they sent her. I really want to know if those jeans have real pockets or not...

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