Did a Security Camera Capture an Angel Saving a Man's Life?

A video out of Turkey captures, at the very least, a stranger tapping a man on the shoulder at the most fortunate time possible. But... is it possible this is footage of an angel saving a man's life?

The security footage shows a shop owner standing outside a store with his back to the street. Another man walks behind him and taps the shop owner on the shoulder as he passes. The shop owner turns around just in time to jump out of the way of a swinging gate.

The video is in Turkish, so we're not sure what the shop owner is saying during his interview, but some commentors interpreted it as saying he felt the tap on his shoulder and heard someone say, "Look behind you." It wasn't until he viewed the security footage that he saw who saved him, because he didn't see anyone walking down the street after the incident.

Was it a drunk jokester? An angel? A time-traveler sent to save his life? Whatever the answer, the video gives me chills!

Source: Coast to Coast



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