Parents! Make Sure You Talk To Your Kids About "Momo"

Parents, have you heard of Momo? What started as a strange-looking Japanese sculpture has transformed into an online character that is truly frightening.

The sculpture, or "Momo," has been popping up most recently in YouTube Kids videos, like Peppa Pig and Fortnite. Although she looks like something that will give your kids nightmares, that's not the scariest part- Momo tells your children to harm themselves. And Momo warns your children that if they talk to you about her, she will come and harm you. Children have a difficult time distinguishing fantasy from reality. This can leave impressionable children with no outlet to talk about their fears, and in some cases, the children have acted out Momo's instructions.

The best thing you can do? Watch what your children are watching. Monitor what games and apps they download. And talk to your children. One mom shared on her facebook that once she learned about Momo, she asked her children if they had seen her. Her son was suspiciously quiet, until she told him that the people who created Momo were "bad men" who went to jail and couldn't hurt them. This allowed her son to open up about the fear he was silently facing, and even helped explain some of his recent behavior changes.

Source: KWCH



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