Kylie Jenner And Timothée Chalamet Twin During Paris Fashion Week

2023 US Open - Day 14

Photo: Getty Images

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet, the latest Hollywood couple the Internet is obsessed with, have all eyes on them in the heart of Paris during Fashion Week.

Their unexpected romance had taken the world by storm, and now, they graced Rosalía's birthday celebration, inseparable and impeccably coordinated.

Both sporting all-black ensembles, they exuded an air of mystery, as if they had stepped out of a gothic dream. Timothée, making a simple but captivating statement while sporting a nineties-style low baseball cap, led the way, and Kylie, in a departure from her usual flashy, glamorous style, followed suit with a more toned-down fit.

This understated look was a departure from Kylie's typical flashy and extravagant fashion choices. It was a transformation spurred by her boyfriend, Timothée, known for his casual and unassuming style even in the world of megastars.

A similar trend had been observed in her sister Kourtney Kardashian when she embraced Travis Barker's fashion sensibilities when they first starting dating.

As their relationship blossomed, it remained to be seen if Kylie and Timothée would continue their penchant for darker wardrobes. With only a handful of public appearances together, their shared style hinted at an evolving love story that Paris had witnessed during Fashion Week.

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