Miley Cyrus Recalls 'Traumatizing' Moment Her Plane Was Struck By Lightning

Photo: Getty Images

Miley Cyrus found herself in a terrifying situation in the sky on her way to a music festival in Paraguay. During her May 16 appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the singer recalled the moment her plane was struck by lightning while en route to the 2022 Asuncionico music festival on March 23.

"It was really scary," she told Meyers. "I was in my mom's lap because I was pretty sure it didn't matter about the seatbelts at this point." Miley also said she remembered feeling strange the morning the incident occurred. "It was really very strange," she said, "because it was unexpected weather, and a few things that day—when I woke up that morning I said, ‘Something just kind of felt off and not quite right.'" 

The plane had Miley and all of her crew, band, friends, and family members on board. They made an emergency landing and everyone was safe. "There was just a lot going on," Cyrus recalled. "And everyone's like—my guys in my band, who are just rock rollers, are like, 'We got to get to the fans! We got to still play the gig!' I'm like, 'OK, no. We're in the middle of, like, the forest in a broken-down airplane. There's floods where we're supposed to be going. The stage is sinking.'" The musical festival did end up being canceled due to the severe weather.

Miley was also playing at Lollapalooza Brazil a few days later and was able to enter the country early. "They were awesome," she said. "They let us in a couple days early, and we were able to take a few days to recuperate 'cause all of us were a little traumatized."

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