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So it's a holiday weekend, and you might be out and about this weekend enjoying BBQ's and picnics....but what if you forget your bottle opener? How are you going to get that beer open?  Thankfully the folks at Buzzfeed have given us 21 ways to open a bottle! YES! In case you ever find yourself with a tall frosty cold one, and no way to open it.....try a dollar bill!  Seriously! Watch below...




Muppet Ed Sheeran! As the night unfolds, Muppet Ed has shot after shot and drink after drink–schmoozing all over a group of young ladies. One thing leads to another: even a cute make-out session! What seems like an innocent evening of fun, fun, fun, ultimately ends with an arrest, only after the muppet character tantalizes human Sheeran into joining him.  Pharrell Williams also makes an appearance, not sure how to take Muppet Ed and his antics.  “Sing” is the lead-in to Sheeran’s forthcoming X album, set for a June 23rd release.




If you thought kids and their parents lip syncing to Frozen's "Let It Go" was great, check out this little girl and her awesome dad.  Nine-year-old Savannah chose Iggy Azalea's chart-topping hit "Fancy" to lip sync in the car to, along with her dad.

They're so fancy .. you already know - they totally nailed it. Check it out below!