Here's What's Trending for May 16th!


To those who dare not speak the name Flappy Bird for fear of rousing spectres of smartphone addiction and compulsory thumb twitches, look away now. Because the mobile gaming phenomenon -- gone from mobile app stores since February 9 -- is on its way back, and this time with multiplayer.  Creator Dong Nguyen, the one-man team behind Vietnamese game developer DotGears Studios, told CNBC on Wednesday that the game will be making a return, potentially this August, in an updated version in which players will be able to compete with others in real time to flap the infamous haunter of our collective score-obsessed dreams.


When Godzillaroars into today, cinema's greatest monster will go up against the world's largest military, the U.S. armed forces.  But how much of a chance would the U.S. military actually have against a 355-foot tall radioactive Godzilla?  Sgt. Maj. James Dever "The military would be very successful," said Dever. "With the manpower and the equipment we have, we'd definitely be successful in taking down Godzilla."   "The armed forces would use all their means," he added. "The Air Force would use their F-15's and F-16's... Marine Corps with their F-18's and Harrier Jets, the United States Navy with their F-18's and aircraft carriers. If that didn't work, the ground troops would be moved in using the M1 Abrams tanks."

"Once he's in the city our major concern are all the civilians," said Dever. "The military would put their combined effort to move all the civilians out before we could engage him." According to Dever, the use of the Navy makes sense given its use of ships, sonar, and submarines would have the best advantage at tracking and taking down the amphibious monster. Another pressing question in a real-life battle with Godzilla would be if the U.S. would consider using a nuclear weapon especially considering the monster's radioactive history.


A groom and his mom stunned guests at his wedding after their gentle first dance turned into a memorable mash-up of classic pop hits.  The dynamic duo dialed up the tempo mid-way through their mellow boogie to rock out to Chubby Checker's The Twist, N Sync's Bye Bye Bye and Psy's Gangnam Style.  The hilarious spectacle was caught on camera - and footage of the pair's antics has now gone viral with more than 2.8 million YouTube views.

Like most wedding dances between mom and son, the video begins slowly as the relatives sway to the placid beat.

But then the track suddenly switches up to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, prompting the combo - wearing a tux and an elegant floor-length dress - to bust out some flashy synchronized moves.