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 Have you seen this?  It's incredible! A woman's security cameras caught all the action.  Her cat saved her child from a dog attack!  You must watch this!!!

Ladies everywhere on facebook and twitter have been sharing the news that Channing Tatum will play Gambit!  He said that Gambit was always his favorite Xman, so now he'll get the chance to play him in the movie! He'll play the card-slinging, kinetic energy - manipulating mutant in Gambit in a future Xmen standalone movie! Yeah!!!

Kim Kardashian is fit — and wants everyone to know it. Less than two weeks ahead of her wedding to Kanye West, the reality TV star shared a selfie of her flat stomach and some underboob (see below).v  “Just finished my morning workout,” she wrote. The bride-to-be enjoyed her first Mother’s Day over the weekend.  It looks like her body will be wedding dress ready!  Check out the picture from her instagram account on our site

Did you know that there is a natural anti depressant and it's easy to get your hands on?  2 handfuls of Cashews is the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of prozac! Let's go to the bulk section ladies!